The Beauty in Pesawaran, Lampung


Loh Island, Pesawaran, Lampung, Indonesia.

Situated in Loh island (-5.744473, 105.172701), a small island between Balak & Lunik island in Pesawaran district, Lampung province, Indonesia. The landscape here characterized by white sand beach. We can walk around the island in 30 minutes.
To go here we need to rent a wooden speed boat from Ketapang, a small fishermen village.  It cost IDR 400k a day.
No Electricity, no cellular coverage, noone else but you and two family who live here.

7 thoughts on “The Beauty in Pesawaran, Lampung

    • Iya memang indah.
      Tidak ada penginapan, hanya 2 rumah penduduk yang menunggu pulau.

      Tak banyak yang tahu pulau ini, apalagi ukurannya yang sangat kecil. Tak masuk di buku peta.

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